Brief: Identity
Client: The Design Kids + Lateral North X
Scope: Design system, Logo, Typesetting, Promotional materials.

Lateral North X, an organisation that works primarily with communities throughout Scotland on developing ideas around architecture and design. The task was to create a design system and identity for After The Pandemic - a month-long summer school hosted by Lateral North X in collaboration with The Design Weans (Scotland's chapter of The Design Kids) encouraging creativity in response to Covid-19. The graphic elements of the identity were informed by the collaborative nature of the summer school - with participants encouraged to work together on the briefs, particularly with people from other creative disciplines. Modular forms were created through one simple shape - representative of a creative individual. the shapes were used across the identity in a playful manner, with a bright colour palette to reflect the optimistic nature of creativity. A logomark for the summer school was generated, the negative space between shapes alluding to the product of creative collaboration. 

Once I had decided on the key elements of the system, the next stage was to apply it to all of the material relating to the events, achieving consistency with a grid. This included facebook event banners for the various Zoom events, Instagram stories to promote the summer school, PDF’s for each brief set and any additional materials required. In addition to this, I went on to roll out the identity on a series of speculative merchandise, as an option for use towards the end of the summer school, giving participants something to remember their experience by.