Brief: Identity & Website Redesign
Client: The Piano Project CIC
Scope: Community Engagement,
Photography, Print, Copywriting, Web Design &
Prototyping, HTML & CSS.

A project in collaboration with Glasgow Piano City with the aim of promoting their message to a wider audience, through creating a fresh take on their website and visual identity. I came to the conclusion that the visual identity and design of the website should be a vehicle for the vast archive of footage and audio that the Piano Project has accumulated over the years. With this in mind, I kept the design minimal with nods to playfulness through choice and application of the typeface, website interactions, and photographic content. This sparked the initiative for ‘Postcards From a Piano’, implemented as a means for raising awareness of the project and reducing social isolation, one of the primary aims of this social enterprise. In August 2020, I recieved a Creative Conscience Award for my work towards this project.

Brief: Identity
Client: Glasgow School of Art
Scope: Exhibition design, Letterpress, Motion, Print.

As part of a design team, I assisted in the development of a poster and
identity for the Communication Design at Glasgow School of Art. As a way of representing illustration, photography and graphic design, the visual identity
draws inspiration from the unconvential nature of this course, achieved through challenging conventional poster design. We explored this idea through digitally warping letterpress prints, altering the type to create quirks, working within a narrow format and making use of the architecture to display the posters in an unconventional manner that would draw the eye. The poster was also displayed digitally, where typographic elements were animated to bring the identity to life.

Brief: Typeface Design
Client: Self-Directed
Scope: Research, Glyphs, Letterpress, Signpainting, Editorial Design
Using the shipping forecast as a starting point, the uppercase letterforms for Utsira were inspired by an 1870s storm Barometer. The name of the typeface derives from the eponymous sea areas off the Norwegian Coast, covered in the forecast. Once Utsira came to be a functioning typeface, I went on to produce a type specimen publication printed on newspaper, an early medium for the forecast. The publication explores the context and communication of the shipping forecast, through typographic posters.

Brief: Editorial Design
Client: Enterprise Studio, Glasgow School of Art
Scope: Typesetting, Layout, Book-Binding, Print.

In 2019, Enterprise studio collated a series of interviews from the creative industry reflecting on what to expect from life after art school. Accompanying a series of talks and events, a brief was set to compile these interviews into a digestable format for the graduating cohort. This particular is work deals with actionable advice from graphic design alumni, making use of a versatile grid which can be used across the series of further interview booklets. In terms of content, responses were varied in length, so a consistency of white space tied the publication together but kept things clean to avoid an overwhelm of information. In doing so, the reader has an opportunity to engage with the text, refer back between responses and reflect. Each interviewee also provided an image of some recent work. This is seperated out from the written content, in the form of postcards detailing the name and website of the alumni, to encourage creative networking.

Brief: Game Design
Client: Self-Directed Project
Process: Research, Layout, Game
Thinking, Print, Packaging.

Visual Grammar by Christian Leborg
is a seminal text for visual thinkers. Leborg draws attention to a visual language in which we are all fluent, without being aware of it. Considering a new format for this information, this card game encourages players to test their semiotic literacy by pairing illustrations with their definition, to inspire creative thinking and discussion. The four chapters within the text - Abstract, Concrete, Activities and Relations - are reimagined as rounds within the game. Upon completion of the game, the player will have digested the text in its entirety.