Brief: Identity & Website Redesign
Client: The Piano Project CIC
Scope: Community Engagement,
Photography, Print, Copywriting, Web Design &
Prototyping, HTML & CSS.

A project in collaboration with Glasgow Piano City with the aim of promoting their message to a wider audience, through creating a fresh take on their website and visual identity. I came to the conclusion that the visual identity and design of the website should be a vehicle for the vast archive of footage and audio that the Piano Project has accumulated over the years. With this in mind, I kept the design minimal with nods to playfulness through choice and application of the typeface, website interactions, and photographic content. This sparked the initiative for ‘Postcards From a Piano’, implemented as a means for raising awareness of the project and reducing social isolation, one of the primary aims of this social enterprise. In August 2020, I recieved a Creative Conscience Award for my work towards this project.